Thailand Entrepreneur & Investor Migration Visas


Thailand offers many tiers of migration programs for entrepreneurs and investors seeking to relocate to the Kingdom, namely, the Smart Visa (Startup), Smart Visa (Investor) and the Wealthy Global Citizen Program.

The Smart Visa (Startup) program allows succesful applicants to reside in Thailand between 6 months to 2 years depending on the startup's growth stage and activities.

The Smart Visa (Investor) program is targetted at investors who makes a significant investment in a Thailand-based technology company.

The Wealthy Global Citizen Program requires applicants to invest a minimum sum into qualifying investments.

Smart Visa (Startup) Program

  • Your Thailand incorporated company has been certified by the relevant government agency to be in ae targeted industry; or
  • Your Thailand incorporated company is an incubatee of a government recognised incubator or accelerator and has been certified by the relevant government agency to be in a targeted industry; or
  • You are an individual who plans to incorporate a Thailand company certified by the relevant government agency to be in a targeted industry.

Smart Visa (Investor) Program

  • Direct investment in technology-based business in a targeted industry in Thailand, as an individual investor or through a venture capital company in Thailand for a total amount of at least USD550,000; or
  • Direct investment as an individual investor for a total amount of at least USD100,000 in a startup or an incubation or accelerator program endorsed by relevant agency.

Wealthy Global Citizen Program

  • You are an individual who has at least USD 1 million in assets; and
  • Your personal income is not less than USD 80,000 per year for the past two years; and
  • You plan to investment at least USD 500,000 in Thai government bonds, foreign direct investment or Thai property;

Detailed Suitablity Assessment Report

The above information is only intended as a summary of the broad requirements under each migration visa and is not intended to be exhaustive. Ultimately, whether an individual qualifies under any of the above programs depends on many qualitative and quantitative factors. Policy changes may also adversely impact the application outcomes.

Residency Asia recommends that individuals first undertake a detailed suitablity assessment to determine their suitablity for each of the above programs.

Whilst such a detailed suitablity assessment does not guarantee, nor will it be conclusive of, the application's final outcome, more often than not, the detailed suitablity assesement report will provide the individual with an efficient and costs-effective means to determine the program that best meets their needs, and the necessary preparatory work to undertake in order to achieve a favourable final outcome, well before embarking on a costly and time-consuming formal application process involving the government authorities and agencies.

Preliminary Documents for Thailand Entrepreneur and Investor Migration Visa Detailed Suitability Assessment

The following preliminary documents (in pdf format) will be required should you decide to proceed with a detailed suitability assessment:

  • Passport
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Last three (3) years of income tax assessment from home country or other country of residence
  • Short write-up of proposed business setup / investment to be made
  • List of dependents accompanying applicant including their names, age, nationality and relationship to the applicant

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The cost of the Suitablity Assessment Report is USD300 and takes approximately 2 weeks to complete. Should you decide to proceed with a formal application, the Suitablity Assessment Report fee will be deducted from the application fee.

The formal application process cost bewteen USD5,000 to USD8,000 depending on the complexity.

This amount does not include any fees that are payable to government authorites as part of the application; fees payable to third-party service providers for ancillary processes; or any appeals arising from unsuccessful applications.

The formal application process takes bewteen 4 to 6 months depending on the state of readiness of the applicant's documents and whether anciallary processes needs to be completed before the formal application process begins.

In most cases, your physical presence in the country is not required during the formal application process as we will handle all the necessary submissions on your behalf.

However, once the visa has been granted, you will be required to be physically present to activate the visa and also to attend to all other necessary visa issuance procedures and requirements.

Almost all entrepreneur and investor visas allows for immediate family members and/or dependents to accompany the main applicant to reside in the country.

However, in some special cases, additional documents and processe might need to be undertaken in order to establish the familial relationship between the main applicant and the immediate family members and/or dependent.

We pride ourselves in delivering a seamless and frictionless entrepreneur and investor migration experience for our clients.

As part of our service offering, we assist clients not only with the formal application process but also to liaise with third-party service providers in executing all necessary anciallary processes.

In addition, we frequently assist clients with concierge services such as finding suitable accomodation, schools, social and sporting clubs etc so that clients and their family members are able to settle into the new environment quickly and effortlessly.

Entrepreneur & Investor Migration Visa Categories:

Feel free to explore the information below which provides a general overview of Residency Asia's coverage of the various entrepreneur and investor visas available in Asia.

Entrepreneur Visas

Startups that develop innovative technologies are a massive boost for economies. Governments are responding by offering fast-track residency through startup visa programs. These programs are aimed at individuals with great ideas and entrepreneurial drive.

Investor Visas

Investment migration programs are a popular means by which wealthy individuals seeking geographical mobility secure a permanent overseas residence. Countries welcome this capital migration by offering investments into certain growth sectors or regions.

Tech Talent Visas

The ability to attract tech talent is increasingly seen by countries as a critical element for economic success. Around the world, countries are competing to lure skilled tech talent in order to remain competitive in this knowledge economy.

Dependents Visas

Offering flexible dependent visas is an important ingredient for countries to attract the best talent and capital. However, navigating the application process for dependent visas for non-traditional familial relationships can be challenging.

Permanent Residency Visas

The pursuit of safety; a better quality of life and education; peace and freedom has become a priority for many. Entrepreneur and investor migration offers a proven pathway to obtaining Permanent Residency status in your country of choice.

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